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It's 8th of February, 2019

And there's a lot of changes. I was down by flue this week, getting a year older, and posing myself questions.
Where does my time go?
Where do I want it to go?

And I realised, how much energy and time I have spent going through the (yes, well needed) privacy laws for my online shop, in my fifth language, and battling with plugins, and trying to evaluate if I should invest in ads(and HOW does that whole charade work, eh?!) and/or an influencer, and how much, and, and and. If you have money to pay a few people so you can design, all is well. But already the legal texts is an extra I had no idea about. So, if you see Youtube videos saying you can start a shop with 1 euro, just don't -  please don't.

The dropshipping land is saturated. You really need to invest if you want to compete with bigger companies with more resources. And I loved creating the designs! But the rest, my heart wasn't in it. Then there was the whole customs-t-shirts-get-lost-thing that can end up pricey for a tiny business. Then there were the menacing hackers. During 4 months I had  10 500 attempted brute force attacks.

The politics of work are also lagging behind in many countries. If you sell a reproduced item, you can lose your artist status into a handworker/businesman  status(double book keeping, VAT responsibility, Chamber of Commerce fees, and more expensive health insurance). That said, I probably do not know all the details about this in Germany so, don't rely on my info totally). I think in our era of digitalization this is a bit outdated. What is the difference that you make a poster and sell 100 of them or you write a book and  sell 100 of them?
Why does the possibilty of reproduction automatically annul the artistic value? The work of creatives and other freelancers is chopped into pieces,  income as well, and it comes from variety of places and countries(I haven't even yet started to think about the tax declaration...)I hope this will be taken into consideration in the future.

And as I had very spontaneously started my shop, because I wanted more control over it all, after trying a few other places, I had neglected a few things. Like the ecological side of it. We all compromise, sure, otherwise we can just 'delete' ourselves, but
there's limits. After inquirying the possibilty of more sustainable options, I found other companies with more ecological options, but no service in English(for customers), or insane postal fees. It's the European dilemma.

And what about Etsy? There's thousands of Etsy sellers asking the same question. Sellers who try everything(I'm not one of them) but keep loosing sales. Nobody seems to know what is going on. I never really fitted into the handwork category and Etsy is not the best place to sell art.

So, I have had worse experiences fo sure, I learned a bunch of things, but I welcome the change.

And, now, you ask?
I will put more paintings up on Artmajeur.com, but first concentrate on finishing my latest comic. 70% done. It will come out in English and German, at least. And yes it is closely linked to my husband short film project below!

My husband is doing a VAMPIRE SHORT FILM,  ' 'THE HUNTED ALLGOVIA '.

The Hunted Allgovia pic

And I will be doing PR, props, food, and what not for the next few months.

You can join us for the ride!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chreberle2

Yes, we will be doing a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign as well, later on.

It will be a  part of The Hunted series (https://www.youtube.com/user/thehuntedtv) !

If you click on the picture it will guide you to Taidemaalariliitto Teosvälitys 2019
or Helsingin Taiteilijaseura Taidelainaamo.
 The fotos of the paintings will be put up soon on the latter.
I also renewed my pages at Kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli (link above).

 I am also writing a book, but, about that later.

Briar's revies has reviwed lately my Elf graphic novels! Here's the link to her blog:


Let's not forget either my fresh interview on the inspiring book
        blog 'Eclectic Moods' (ministryofmagik.blogspot.com) will be up as well!
 Here's the link:

us as elves
Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter, an illustrator,
 and a storyteller through her graphic novels.

 Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide
cornucopia of comics, graphic novels, films, music(=everything).
Her literary interests are wide and varied.

With her husband they share a taste for humor, love for cats,
and they get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures.

She has dabbled in arts, illustration, teaching, upholstery, painting chairs,
 walls, pictures, and whatnot, and is thus a self-declared multi-dilettantte.

Katja Vartiainen hat einen künstlerischen Hintergrund.
Sie ist Malerin, Illustratorin und Geschichtenerzählerin.
Ihre visuelle Inspiration bezieht sie aus den Bildenden Künsten
sowie der ganzen bandbreite von Comics, Graphic Novels (= alles).

Ihre literarischen Interessen sind weit gefächert.
Zusammen mit ihrem Mann teilt sie sich einen ähnlichen
Sinn für Humor. Sie plant weitere Geschichte und Malbücher,
und hat vor, mehr Katzen und Bilder zu malen und
selber eine Katze und zu haben.

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